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So many dreams were broken and so much was sacrificed..

20 May
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Hmm. I'm a 25 year old Machinist's Mate Second Class (Surface Warfare), USN. Currently I live up in fabulous Bremerton WA, serving with IMF PACNORWEST.

FRIENDING POLICY: Ask away really. I'm always up for new friends. Be warned, I rarely post. I'll check this every day, but I never update myself. That's why I have facebook and twitter.


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thevilmello is a sarcastic cynical 24 year old from Washington State, currently in Bremerton WA w/ the US Navy. she loves british type humour, her family, and most of her friends. she is a HARDCORE music geek and computer lover. she's also been addicted to the internet since Windows 95 came out.
Strengths: Wicked sense of humour, easily amused, loyal to an almost painful degree,
Weaknesses: extremely short temper, rather bitter about life, and extremely self-deprecating and negative.
Special Skills: the ability to make ANYTHING sound dirty. it's an art form.
Weapons: almost patented death glare, biting wit, and steel toed work boots. and the zippo. love teh pyro
Pet Peeves: Stupid intolerant people. OMGtehhate. people that aren't as quick on the uptake.

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